on Consent (webinar recording)

How can medical professionals manage issues of consent and give patients the right information to make an informed decision?

Recorded in June 2020, this webinar will bring your knowledge on informed consent right up to date. You’ll hear from Nadine Montgomery, whose landmark case changed the law on informed consent in the UK and Lauren Sutherland KC, who was a member of the legal team. You’ll also hear from our panel of medical and legal experts, who will be discussing the key issues arising from this case.

This webinar is relevant to all doctors, healthcare professionals and lawyers with an interest in medical law.

What you will learn

During the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • determine what information the patient needs to make an informed decision
  • identify what constitutes material risk
  • have constructive discussions around consent
  • apply therapeutic exceptions
  • manage consent in time-critical situations.

Format for the webinar

  • The patient perspective – Nadine Montgomery.
  • The journey to the Supreme Court – Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board – Lauren Sutherland KC.
  • Three common misunderstandings about consent – Mr Paul Sankey, Medical Negligence Lawyer, Enable Law.
  • Our panelists will discuss best practice and answer questions.

Our panel includes:

  • Dr Simon Fox KC
  • Paul Sankey, Enable Law
  • Dr Chris Danbury, Consultant Intensive Care Physician
  • Mr Paul Thorpe, Spinal Surgeon
  • Mr Tim Dudderidge, Urologist
  • Professor Bob Freeman, Consultant Gynaecologist
  • Mr George Turner, Consultant Ophthalmologist

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Feedback on our online courses

Inspire MediLaw’s report-writing course was the perfect introduction to a complex area. The step-by-step nature of the materials allowed me to gain incremental knowledge and gain confidence in the process. Moreover, it was genuinely enjoyable!

Nadir Osman, Consultant Urologist

I really enjoyed the course and did not feel it was less worthy for being online. The content was excellent and it has given me confidence in my fledgling medico-legal practice. The session at the end with Isabel was very useful and she gave me about 40 minutes of her time, which was great.

Robert Mason, Consultant Urologist

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