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Get all the one-to-one support, resources and CPD you’ll need to run a successful and profitable medico-legal practice through our brand-new membership scheme.

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One-to-one support when you need it

As a member, you can access individual support and advice from experienced medical expert witnesses and lawyers to help with:

Our experts can help you with setting up your practice but we can also advise on specific scenarios or challenges you may be facing. Think of us as your medico-legal agony aunt – here to offer expert advice whenever you need it.

Raise your profile in our expert witness directory

Showcase your medico-legal expertise in our online medical directory – which is regularly used by solicitors and other legal professionals seeking experts in particular medical fields. So, it’s a great way to find lucrative work opportunities.

Secure high-value work through our network

You’ll be able to tap into our network of instructing solicitors and law firms who need help from medical professionals working in particular specialties. In fact, we often recommend medical experts in our membership to lawyers.

To help get you in front of high-paying clients, we can also help you create a compelling medico-legal CV and secure your first instructions.

Just £50 A Month

Just £500 A Year

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Attend our annual conference for free

As a member, you can attend our highly popular conference at no additional cost – this event sold out in 2022. The usual cost is around £300.

The conference provides a great opportunity to update your medico-legal knowledge, hear from nationally acclaimed medico-legal specialists and network with others in the sector (including potential clients).

New and improved benefits

Through our membership scheme, you can also access:

Access to a new medico-legal indemnity scheme

You’ll also get significant discounts on a brand-new type of medico-legal indemnity scheme for doctors – with options for one-off policies, run-off cover and a counselling service (launching summer 2023).

Just £50 A Month

Just £500 A Year

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Fantastic value for you

You’ll get all of these benefits for just £50 per month (plus VAT) or £500 for the annual plan (plus VAT). This represents fantastic value – the free conference ticket alone is worth more than £300 plus VAT. So, what are you waiting for?

Just £50 A Month

Just £500 A Year

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