Training for legal professionals

We organise regular events and training courses for legal professionals on specialist clinical topics related to medico-legal best practice.

This training involves leading medical specialists, who talk through best practice and give examples of clinical cases where breach of duty and causation can be demonstrated. This includes virtual learning and face-to-face training.

The training covers court rooms skills and witness familiarisation experience. The day is
split into two parts:-

Court rooms skills

  • Understanding the court procedures, process and practices
  • The role of the expert witness
  • How to prepare effectively before giving evidence
  • The importance of presenting your evidence confidently and with clarity
  • Anticipating how to deal with the strengths and weaknesses in your evidence
  • Managing different cross-examination techniques
  • Top tips for excelling when giving evidence.

Witness familiarisation

  • Experts will be cross-examined by our Barristers on a report they will have written
    for the purposes of the training. A variety of different techniques will be used. The
    cross examination will be videoed and constructive feedback given. There will be
    opportunity to repeat this process following the feedback.

*Please note that we will only be able to accommodate small groups (max 5 delegates) to
allow each delegate plenty of time for the cross-examination process and feedback*.

Training Courses
£750 (+VAT)
Converstions on consent b ed f - MediLaw
CPD: 1 hour

Chair Dr Simon Fox KC, Nadine Montgomery, Lauren Sutherland KC, Paul Sankey and a panel of experts

How can medical professionals manage issues of consent and give patients the right information to make informed decisions?

This webinar will bring your knowledge on informed consent right up to date. You’ll hear from Nadine Montgomery, whose landmark case changed the law on informed consent in the UK, and Lauren Sutherland KC, who was a member of the legal team. Our panel of medical and legal experts discuss the key issues arising from this case.

This webinar is relevant to all doctors, healthcare professionals and lawyers with an interest in medical law.

Webinar Recording
£45 (+VAT)
Medico Legal Issues in Cardiovascular Medicine - MediLaw

In this session, some of the UK’s top cardiologists discuss the diagnosis, management and treatment of cardiac conditions and potential complications.

Conference Recording
£165 (+VAT)
Acquired Brain Injury Conference - MediLaw

Watch the recording of the conference to learn about best practice in the field and medical situations where you would have a strong case for clinical negligence.

Conference Recording
£165 (+VAT)