Personal Injury Expert Witness Training


The Hilton Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester

Cost: £950 (+VAT)

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Our two-day personal injury course is designed exclusively for medical professionals who are interested in personal injury expert work.

Medical professionals working in this field help personal injury lawyers understand the injuries sustained or dispute the claim and provide evidence on the extent of the injury and likely prognosis. Our high-quality training prepares you for this work.

This training is taught by renowned medical professionals with established personal injury practices and some of the UK’s leading legal professionals.

You’ll come away from our two-day course with all the skills and knowledge needed and a strategy to help you start getting instructions.

What the course covers:

  • The role and duties of the expert witness in personal injury cases
  • The purpose of condition and prognosis reports and issues you need to address
  • Specific guidance on the form and content of your reports
  • Pre-action protocol guidelines
  • Good practice for examination of the client
  • How to write outstanding reports – with a practical report-writing exercise
  • How to manage meetings with experts and conferences with counsel
  • How to develop your personal injury practice – with tips and pitfalls to avoid from our team.


The medical perspective – Mr Mat Smith, Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Orthopaedic Surgeon and Dr Adrian Rees, GP and Expert Witness

  • Role and duties of the expert witness in Personal Injury (PI) cases
  • The process of a claim
  • What to expect from instructing solicitors/agencies
  • Examination of the client
  • Fraudulent/exaggerated claims – fact versus opinion
  • Reporting in PI claims – the legal rules (burden and civil standard of proof)
  • Preparing and structuring your medical reports – guidance on content/format and practical forensic report-writing tips

The legal perspective
James Maxey, Managing Partner, Express Solicitors

  • The legal tests
  • Identifying the legal issues that need to be addressed in your report
  • Getting the terminology right – whiplash, traumatic brain injury etc
  • The use of research and supporting documentation
  • Evaluating the claim and the importance of your report
  • Your opponent’s report – considerations and responses
  • Replying to written questions
  • Legal costs/cost budgets
  • Analysis and summaries of PI cases, including terminology and classification of injury
Networking opportunity
We will be having dinner at the Hilton Hotel, Manchester, on the Thursday night. You would be very welcome to join us, although the cost of the dinner is not included in the training.

Report-writing – Mr Mat Smith, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Adrian Rees, GP and Expert Witness, and Isabel Bathurst, Inquiry and Injury Consultant Solicitor

  • Examination and discussion of sample reports – good and bad
  • Report-writing techniques

Report-writing workshop:

  • Practical exercise – you’ll draft an opinion and prognosis report
  • Panel discussion – giving you the chance to reflect on the report-writing exercise and learn some top tips from the speakers.

Joint expert meetings – the medical and legal perspectives

  • Arranging the meeting – practical considerations
  • Preparation
  • Dealing with your opposite number and the agenda
  • Independence
  • Considering your opinion – discussing the issues without compromising your opinion
  • Stating your opinion and presenting your opinion to the court
  • Format

Counsel’s perspective
Lauren Sutherland KC

  • Conferences with counsel
  • The court process – how a court approaches PI cases
  • What it means to be a good expert – counsel’s perspective
  • Lessons learnt from recent cases

Developing your PI practice and obtaining instructions
Mat Smith, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Adrian Rees, GP and Expert Witness, and other medical experts

  • Panel discussion on where to start
  • Working with agencies
  • Marketing strategy
  • Fees
  • Terms of engagement