What To Expect From Inspire MediLaw’s Expert Witness Training

Published On: March 22nd, 2024
Author: Caren Scott, CEO Inspire MediLaw

The Inspire MediLaw two-day expert witness training courses are held at the Voco Oxford Spires in Oxford and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow.

The training is exclusively designed for healthcare professionals, and we have a mixture of specialists attending our training courses.

Those specialities include:

  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Anaesthetists
  • Critical Care Consultants
  • General Surgeons
  • Dermatologists
  • Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • Haematologists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Obstetricians
  • And GPs

We are also excited to announce that we’re launching an expert witness training course and certification for allied healthcare professionals in June.

They’re always fantastic groups who often keep in touch following the training.  It amazes me how often a connection already exists – often a connection from training days. Because the training is very interactive, and we want to give everyone the opportunity to engage and ask questions, the training is limited to a maximum of 25 places. 

Day One covers all the practical aspects of expert witness work, the framework, an overview of the legal tests and CPR.

We’ll also explore the process of a claim, letter of instruction, types of reports, fees, content and form of reports, a report writing exercise, use of references, meetings of experts, conferences with Counsel and what to avoid and the business issues.  The day comes with lots of practical tips and pitfalls from the very experienced, Dr Tom Boyd, GP and expert witness. 

At the end of day one there’s the opportunity to join the Inspire team (myself, Isabel Bathurst, Solicitor, Dr Tom Boyd and Paul Sankey, Clinical Negligence solicitor) for a meal in Oxford. This provides a great opportunity to network and socialise with colleagues.  

Day Two is serious stuff and is all about the law!

Paul Sankey, Clinical Negligence Solicitor is a master at simplifying difficult concepts as he takes you through how to address the legal issues, breach of duty, causation, consent, condition and prognosis, the Civil Procedure Rules (he’s excellent at distilling exactly what you need to know), the claims process and the relationships with your lawyer.

tips - MediLaw
7 tips for Writing Effective Expert Witness Reports

Our guide brings together tips from our trainers, including a former high court judge, barrister, clinical negligence solicitors and experienced expert witnesses. Our experts share their insights from many years in practice.

By following these tips in your report writing, you’ll build your reputation as a trusted expert witness – helping you to expand your client base and work.

After lunch, Dr Simon Fox KC gives a masterclass on giving evidence in court, which includes a roleplay session on giving evidence. 

I’ve watched this session many times now and every time, the realisation of just how important your report is hits me. 

If a case does go to Court and very few do now (about 74% don’t) you’ll definitely wish you’d have spent more time on your report.  Simon initially trained as a Doctor and his understanding of the pressures that healthcare professionals are under is obvious. 

He provides some great tips on how to deal with deadlines and pressures from instructing solicitors.  

The two-day course will give you all the knowledge and skills required to be a successful expert witness. Inspire MediLaw’s training is recognised and recommended by leading law firms. 

Strathclyde University/Inspire MediLaw expert witness certificate.

CEW Circle white background - MediLaw

Following the two-day course, there’s the option to continue your learning and become a certified expert witness with our Strathclyde University/Inspire MediLaw expert witness certification.

This involves completing four online modules and then completing an assessment day at Strathclyde University. 

The assessment day involves passing a multiple-choice test and a cross-examination assessment on a report you’ll have written for the online report writing module. We’ll provide feedback and the results on the day.  

The certificate was launched for those who’d like to have a formal assessment and certification of their expert witness skills. 

Although the guidance from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges is that healthcare professionals who act as expert witnesses should have specific expert witness training formal certification is not a regulatory requirement. 

This could change, however, as there has been some judicial criticism of experts recently and the feeling amongst the legal professionals that we speak to is that a formal certification/accreditation will be required in the future. 

Lauren Sutherland KC, Ampersand Chambers & Byrom Street Chambers

“Our courts and system of justice is dependent on expert witness assistance. This is a vitally important role, and it is essential that the experts assisting our courts are properly trained for the task”.

Our USPs with our training are:

·         The training is delivered by an esteemed muti-disciplinary team that covers all aspects of the medico-legal expert journey.  One of the biggest pluses is the lived shared experiences of medico-legal experts working at the coalface.  

·         As part of training costs, we provide follow-up support to help you succeed as an in-demand expert witness. You’ll receive guidance on crafting a medico-legal CV, terms of engagement, what to charge, access to our resources and templates, solicitor contacts and a plan detailing how to get your practice off the ground. 

On top of that, we’re always on the end of the phone or email if you need further guidance or have further questions on your journey. 


As an experienced expert who started on the journey of providing export reports for the court well before the introduction of expert witness training, I was well aware of the need to validate my knowledge, understanding and practice. 

The Inspire MediLaw 2-day course at Oxford, followed by a multiple choice questionnaire and a cross examination at Strathclyde University was the perfect stage for conducting an appraisal of my expert witness skills. I found the Oxford course, provided by a knowledgeable and engaging faculty to be educative, challenging, collegiate and fun. The Strathclyde experience was slightly more nerve wracking but administered with care and consideration.  

I have no hesitation to recommend this programme to all who have decided to engage in expert witness work wherever they are on their journey.  

Professor Gus Baker, Consultant Neuropsychologist

I underwent a medicolegal training at Inspire Medilaw to enhance my comprehension of cases in my specialty and embark on a career as an expert witness. Among various courses, I found Inspire Medilaw’s to be the most comprehensive. The organization, led by a professional and highly experienced team, was efficient, focusing solely on relevant topics.

The course provided me with a fresh perspective on medicolegal work, igniting my enthusiasm to start a career as an expert witness. Opting for their certification, I discovered user-friendly modules, excellent support, and practical assessments.

The continuous guidance, whether in cases, report writing, or business advice, was invaluable. Successfully passing the certification exam, I attribute my improved report quality to Inspire Medilaw’s outstanding support throughout the training and certification process.

Mr Karim Abdallah, Consultant Gynaecologist

This is one of the best courses I have done.  I only wish I had done it 5 years ago.  There was exactly the right quality of factual content, but the huge benefit was in the lived experience shared.

Dr James Calvert, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine

Far exceeded expectations.  Great practical advice.  Really helpful with my NHS practice too.

Dr Gillian Evans, Consultant Haematologist

The Inspire MediLaw team have put together a fantastic interactive two day course. Speakers were engaging and flexible. First class venue and facilities.  Highly recommended.

Mr Oliver Kayes, Consultant Urologist

The course was interactive and engaging – far exceeded my expectations.  I came thinking I may want to do EW work – now enthusiastic and ready to start developing practice.  Excellent trainers, speakers.  Highly relevant and extremely enjoyable. 

Dr Elizabeth Garthwaite, Consultant Renal Physician

Great speakers who were able to share a wealth of experience.  Very good material handout and the material provided post course was super useful. 

If you’re interested in getting going with expert witness practice, this course provides all you need to know and can offer support as you begin your journey. 

Dr Ben Killingley, Consultant in Acute Medicine and infectious Disease

Massive benefit from Premier League teaching

Mr Andrew Kennedy, Upper GI Consultant

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7 Tips for Writing Effective Expert Witness Reports

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