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Thinking back and looking forward!

Caren Scott, Managing Director

April was a landmark month for us at Inspire MediLaw – we celebrated our 2nd anniversary! 

It’s a great time to consider all that’s been achieved in the year just gone.  We’ve become firmly established as a provider of outstanding training in this sector.  We’ve had over 600 medico-legal professionals attending our conferences and events during the past year, and are delighted with the positive feedback and repeat bookings we receive.

Inspire MediLaw was set up by Caren Scott in the wake of her husband’s lengthy illness.

She says, “Over a period of 9 months, I watched what was happening to him and was frustrated by poor communication from clinical teams, and care that was not always patient centred.  I later found that lawyers were unable to grasp the complexities of his medical history and could not get to grips with the many disciplines that made up his one claim.

“My own experience of working in a private medical practice meant I often saw experts leave their reporting to the last minute, producing quick and ill thought out reports.  As a result they would, not infrequently, have to back down in a joint meeting when faced with the opinions of their counterpart.

“I realised that if experts were clear about their duty to the Court, and given guidance on how to go about it well, they could do an outstanding job.  This, in turn, would better equip lawyers to take on the right cases and obtain justice for their clients.”

Inspire MediLaw seek to improve patient safety and reduce clinical risk through education of medico-legal professionals.

The drive to bring together medical and legal professionals is down to our belief that clinicians who have completed our medico-legal training are better placed to identify and safeguard against errors in their practice.  A striking number of delegates have told us of changes to their own practice they implemented after attending our Expert Witness Training.  More importantly, they then disseminate that same learning with colleagues, bringing about wider change.

Our business benefits from the input of both claimant and defendant lawyers, a range of experienced medical experts, and external regulatory bodies and other professionals.  We are so encouraged to have such high calibre attendees at our events.

It’s a positive sign that these experienced professionals appreciate the importance of ongoing training and development in order to discharge their duty to the best of their ability – and that they choose us.

Looking forward…

Caren is excited about building on the momentum of the past year, increasing the range and frequency of our training programme.  This includes Inquest training for clinicians and, for medical experts, report writing and courtroom familiarisation training.  We offer bespoke in-house training packages for law firms and healthcare providers, tailored to budget and specific training needs.

There are various new opportunities on the horizon, and it’s great to have a team who are well placed to research, develop and deliver the training we want to offer.  We are proud that our conferences and events enable professional delegates to grow in confidence and in their understanding of medico-legal issues, developing their existing knowledge and practical skills.

Caren’s vision for Inspire MediLaw is that we will be the training provider that medical professionals and clinical negligence lawyers turn to in order to improve their clinical negligence practice.  Our training will facilitate better communication between the professions which, we hope, will ultimately improve patient care and safety.

Join Inspire MediLaw as we strive to make a difference in the medico-legal world.

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