Inspire MediLaw Expert Accreditation

£295.00 + VAT

Our medicolegal expert accreditation to delegates who have completed our two day Expert Witness Training



Inspire MediLaw Expert Accreditation

We are delighted to open our medicolegal expert accreditation to delegates who have completed our two day Expert Witness Training.

Our Accreditation is a quality mark

It is an indication that you have committed to meeting and maintaining high standards of medicolegal expert witness practice, and that you seek to do so by undergoing regular medicolegal training; obtaining feedback and constructive advice from those instructing you; asking for support in your practice where necessary; and keeping abreast of changes and developments in the law and expert witness practice.

There are two tiers of Accreditation to distinguish experts who are starting out (Expert Accreditation) from those who are more experienced (Senior Expert Accreditation).
The application fee is the same, but the process differs.

All Accredited experts are expected to undertake 6 hours of CPD per year in order to maintain their accreditation.  CPD certification and references will be requested at annual renewal.

Inspire MediLaw Expert Accreditation

Expert accreditation is the first tier of accreditation.

This is open to all ‘new’ expert witnesses – those who are starting out, don’t yet feel confident, or have provided only a few reports in the course of their expert witness practice to date.

In order to achieve Expert Accreditation, applicants are asked to:

  1. Take and pass an online MCQ assessment;
  2. Submit a short reflection on their experience of the Inspire MediLaw Expert Witness Training;
  3. Submit a satisfactory report based on a clinical scenario.

To start the Expert Accreditation process, make your purchase.

You will be sent a candidate number, password, and a link to access the MCQs.
On successful completion of the MCQs, scoring at least 85%, you will be sent the details of how to access and download the report writing case study.
You will be contacted within 10 working days of receipt of your report with confirmation of your accreditation status.

The fee for an application for accreditation is £295+VAT.

There will be a small annual renewal fee of £25+VAT

There are two tiers of the Accreditation; the first tier is for new experts starting out and a second tier for Senior Experts. 


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