Online Training

Welcome to our online Medicolegal Expert Witness Training courses.

The Training Faculty for these online modules is our very experienced and distinguished Expert Witness Training team:

Dr Simon Fox QC, Barrister at Serjeants’ Inn
Mr Paul Sankey, Medical Negligence Lawyer, Enable Law
HHJ Harris QC – Retired High Court Circuit Judge
Dr Tom Boyd, GP Expert Witness
Dr Jonathan Moore, GP Expert Witness

Our excellent faculty will present to, and tutor, you in the key skills of medico-legal practice.  The modules cover:

  • Report Writing
  • Conference with Counsel
  • Meetings with Experts
  • Giving evidence in Court

We have designed most of the interactive tasks in all the modules around one case  study.  This means you can either choose to complete a standalone training module, or take the four courses in chronological order, working with a case that becomes increasingly familiar.

There are a range of challenges for clinicians learning and adapting to litigation process in clinical negligence and personal injury work. It is our  aim to ensure that medical experts understand their duty to the Court, to enable you to discharge these duties with integrity and confidence.

Learning from experienced medico-legal experts and lawyers will give newcomers an insight into the practicalities of expert witness practice, and encourage existing experts in ongoing professional development.

We firmly believe in the importance of ‘doing’ to learn,
rather than just listening, watching or reading.

Our online learning modules require viewer participation, to ensure you get to grips with the concepts and practical advice presented in the webinars.

On completion of all four courses you can apply to become an Inspire MediLaw Accredited Expert.

Please take advantage of the feedback and self-marking opportunities we offer so that you really benefit professionally from these courses.  On completion of the training we will forward your CPD Certificate.