Meeting of Experts Course

The Meeting of Experts can be a difficult part of the litigation process – where you need to put your case clearly and withstand challenges to your expert view.

This Meeting of Experts course takes you through key elements of the expert meeting.  You will learn how to prepare for the meeting, how and when it should take place and tactics for dealing with a difficult opponent.

Key elements of the course: 

  • Video presentations featuring some of the UK’s top legal and medical experts explaining the significance of the Meeting of Experts.
  • A review of the agenda and assessment of the answers.
  • Observation of a mock Meeting of Experts to help you build your understanding and techniques.

Learning outcomes

On the course, you will:

  • explore the significance of the Meeting of Experts and how it fits in to the litigation process
  • learn some top tips for preparing for the meeting
  • improve your techniques in managing the meeting and dealing with difficult opponents.


Task 1 – Online presentations 

In this first task, you will learn about the significance of the Meeting of Experts in the litigation process and from clinical negligence lawyer, Paul Sankey.  Dr Tom Boyd and Mr Richard Kerr, both experienced medical experts, then give their advice for preparing for the meeting and dealing with difficult opponents.

Task 2 – Review of the agenda 

In this second task, you review the agenda and prepare your answers, giving your reasons for those answers based on the report of the claimant’s expert.

Task 3 – Meeting of experts (video featuring Dr Tom Boyd and Dr Jonathan Moore) 

In this part, you see how Dr Boyd and Dr Moore work through the agenda, discuss their views and formulate their replies.  You will identify good practice in their discussion and demeanour and compare their answers with your own.

Task 4 – short assessment 


This online medico-legal training takes approximately four hours to complete.  The course is accredited for CPD by the Royal College of Surgeons (Eng). On completion of the course, you will receive a CPD certificate (for four hours).


Inspire MediLaw provides ongoing mentorship and support for our online training with Medical Director, Dr Jonathan Moore and Isabel Bathurst, Inquest, Injury and Injury Lawyer who can support your learning experience.