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Inspire MediLaw has had a busy start to the year holding two Expert Witness Training courses in Oxford and Edinburgh.

We have been very lucky to have two excellent groups of medical professionals who have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to network with like minded peers whilst training.  The range of expertise has been fantastic from Colorectal Surgeons, General Surgeons, Radiologists, ITU Consultants, Anaesthetists, Obstetricians, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Consultant Psychiatrists, GPs, Cardiologists, Neurologists and this has made for some lively discussions and lots of interaction.

The training itself has been outstanding and having it delivered from three different perspectives – the medical expert, medical negligence lawyer and QC has been extremely insightful.

Dr Alastair Bint our GP Expert Witness delivered the training on day one which is all about preparing to be a successful expert witness alongside Lisa Nabou, Inspire MediLaw’s Legal Director and Healthcare Lawyer for Hill Dickinson.  Alastair runs a very successful medico-legal practice reporting on approximately 400 alleged medical negligence cases a year for both claimant and defendant and has appeared in Court on at least fifty occasions.  Alastair and Lisa’s day is all about the practicalities of setting up a medico-legal practice, understanding your duties as an expert witness, recent case law, types of reports you will be asked to write, writing a concise medical report and successfully arguing your conclusion.

The interactive session of reviewing and giving feedback on sample good and bad reports gives delegates a chance to put the learning from the morning session into practice.

The business session has been very popular and has given experts the opportunity to talk about fees, how to win instructions, learn how to put together a medico-legal CV that lawyers want to see, terms and conditions and most importantly how to get paid for their work has proved invaluable.

The Practice session on day two is all about the law and the legal aspects of being an expert witness was delivered brilliantly by Paul Sankey, Medical Negligence Lawyer and Partner at Enable Law in Oxford and Ann Logan, Head of Medical Negligence at Balfour and Manson in Edinburgh.  Their knowledge and passion for ensuring medical experts are equipped with the legal knowledge needed for being an expert witness has been excellent.  Both have an interest in educating doctors on consent post Montgomery and this has been of particular interest to the Surgeons attending the training.

The two QCs running the Perform session, Simon Fox QC in Oxford and Lauren Sutherland in Edinburgh have been outstanding and engaged the delegates with their wealth of knowledge and experience.  The process of going to Court is daunting for anyone but having the court process simplified and explained has given the delegates the confidence to perform without trepidation when the time comes!


The feedback back from the delegates has been outstanding. Here are just a few testimonials;

“The course was excellent as was the overall organisation.  The experts were very impressive and informative”. Dr Michael Johns, GP

“A thoroughly entertaining, comprehensive and inspiring experience” Dr Justin Haslam, Consultant Psychiatrist.

“A thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating course presented clearly and insightfully providing details of medicolegal work”.  Mr William Allum, General Surgeon

“An invaluable course to enable Doctors to aspire to success as an expert witness, covering preparation, expert reports, the relevant law and a useful illustration of cases and mock trial scenarios”.  Dr Helen Turner, Consultant Endocrinologist.

“One of the best courses & training in medico-legal I have attended and the best possible speakers”.  Dr Pankaj Agarwal, Consultant Ophthalmologist. 

Have been on other expert witness training courses.  This course is definitely better because it is specifically for medical professionals which made the discussions and interactive sessions very specific to Consultants”.  Dr Rajib Purkayastha, Consultant in Rehabilitation.

“A no-brainer for anyone considering medicolegal work.  An invaluable insight into the legal world of issues of medical negligence and consent presented by committed, passionate experts in their field”.  Miss Mary-Louise Montague, ENT Consultant.   

“Excellent course.  Covered all aspects of medical expert work.  Exactly what I needed”.  Dr Stuart Hutcheon, Consultant Cardiologist.

“An excellent comprehensive course.  I feel more confident regarding report preparation and court appearance now”. Dr Myles Connor, Consultant Neurologist.

“Excellent course for those thinking of developing/starting a career in medical expert witness work”. Mr Issaq Ahmed, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

“A fascinating and engaging two days with excellent speakers.  Trip to the Court with QC was very informative”.  Dr Bruce Martin, ITU Consultant.

Just some of the lovely quotes from our evaluation forms.  A lot of planning has gone into the preparation of the Expert Witness Training Courses to ensure the training covers all the skills and knowledge medical experts need to run a successful medico-legal practice.   As Managing Director I am very proud that as a team we have delivered something special.

We are very much looking forward to promoting the talented medical experts we have trained to our legal network and supporting them to have successful medico-legal practices.

Following the training our support continues with mentorship by our Legal Director, Lisa Nabou and a very experienced team of practice managers who can provide seamless practice management for your medico-legal business.

If you would like to discuss the training or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Caren Scott
Managing Director at Inspire MediLaw
Tel: 01235 426870