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Certification is becoming increasingly important in expert witness work. It shows that you are working to the highest standards of medico-legal practice – completing regular training and keeping up to date with the latest changes and developments in the field.

Expert witness training certification

We’ve teamed up with the University of Strathclyde to offer our accredited Expert Witness Certificate for medical professionals.

Our certificate is a quality mark that demonstrates your expertise and knowledge as a medico-legal professional. It can be a real asset when you’re marketing your medico-legal services or networking with potential clients at events and conferences.

Dates for assessment are available throughout the year.


How our certification scheme works

For the accredited Inspire MediLaw Strathclyde University expert witness certificate, you need to complete:


The two-day expert witness training in England or Scotland.



our report writing module which includes a report-writing task based on one of our clinical scenarios. This will take around four hours to complete. The task will be followed by an online session with an experienced clinical negligence solicitor, who will provide constructive feedback on your report.


three online modules (each taking 2.5 hours). 

  • Meeting of experts
  • Conference with Counsel
  • Giving evidence in Court

An in-person assessment day, which takes place at the University of Strathclyde, including:

  1. a multiple-choice exam designed to test your knowledge of the Civil Procedure Rules and the duties of an expert witness.
  2. mock cross-examination with one of our barristers.

On successful completion of all three stages, you will receive the accredited Inspire MediLaw Strathclyde university  expert witness certificate – reflecting your skills and expertise in this area.

University certificate

£2450 (+VAT)

Complete package includes:


  • Two day expert witness training course
  • Four online modules
  • Follow up consultation with our solicitor
  • Assessment day at Strathclyde University

Previous accredited delegates


£ 1650 (+VAT)

For members of our current accreditation scheme*

Delegates who have completed our two day expert witness training course

£950 (+VAT)

Package includes:

  • Four online modules
  • Follow up consultation with our solicitor
  • Assessment day at Strathclyde University

*additional training requirements apply – see the FAQ below for details.


How will this certificate help my work as an expert witness?

Our certificate is a quality mark that demonstrates to legal professionals that you are working to the highest standards of medico-legal practice by undergoing regular training and keeping up to date with recent legal developments. So, it’s a real asset when you’re promoting your medico-legal services.

How does the report-writing task work? Can I choose the clinical scenario?

Yes. We have a number of different clinical scenarios involving various areas such as general practice, emergency medicine and obstetrics. You can choose the scenario best suited to your area of expertise.

The report-writing task is followed up with an online session to provide feedback on your report. You’ll have the chance to make changes to your report before submitting it.

When do I have to complete the online modules?

You can complete these modules whenever and wherever you wish. But these modules must be completed before the assessment day.

When will the assessment day be held?

There will be three or four assessment days each year – contact us for the details.

It’s a full day. You’ll either take the test (multiple-choice questions) in the morning and the cross-examination skills test in the afternoon or vice-versa.

Who leads the cross-examination?

This will be led by barristers who are involved in Inspire MediLaw’s training. Our barristers are highly experienced in supporting medical professionals to build their medico-legal careers and understanding the skills required for this work.

What skills will be assessed?

The exam will test your knowledge of the Civil Procedure Rules and the duties of an expert witness. For the cross-examination skills test, our barristers will be looking at the way you present your views and the robustness of your opinion.

When will I hear back about the outcome?

You’ll hear back within five working days. Delegates who pass will receive a University of Strathclyde/Inspire MediLaw Medical Expert Witness certificate and a badge to add to their CV, website etc.

If you are unsuccessful, you’ll have the opportunity to re-take the assessment day, and receive constructive feedback and support.

I'm new to expert witness work. Can I still apply?

Yes. Our certification process provides all the necessary in-depth training, preparation and evaluation to prepare you for medico-legal practice.

I’m on the old accreditation scheme – can I join the new scheme?

If you’re accredited via our old scheme and/or you’ve attended our two-day expert witness training, this will count towards the new certification.

If you’ve completed the old accreditation but not the training, you will also need to complete:

  • our two-day training programme – either in England or Scotland
  • three online modules
  • an assessment day at the University of Strathclyde.

Cost: £1650 (+VAT).

If you have previously attended the two-day course but not completed the certification, you will need to complete:

  • the online report-writing task
  • three online modules
  • an assessment day.

Cost: £950 (+VAT).

Feedback from lawyers

The Medical Directory is a fantastic resource for finding the right expert witness for a case. The range of specialisms available is broad and the experts are always delighted to help. Knowing that members of the Medical Directory have undergone the rigorous and top-quality training process provided by Inspire MediLaw gives me confidence in instructing them.

Michaela J Guthrie, Associate – Litigation Team, Balfour + Manson LLP

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