With fantastic online CPD provision now growing, why bother with face-to-face events?

  • Published: August 06, 2020
  • Author: Sarah Sellars, Consultant, Inspire MediLaw

At Inspire MediLaw, we provide dedicated expert witness training for clinicians only. We focus on the role of the medical expert witness in clinical negligence claims, emphasising how crucial it is to be an outstanding expert in this field to ensure justice is secured for both claimant and defendant parties. 

Our training faculty have a wealth of specialist knowledge to share with our delegates, and we encourage experts to keep in touch and use our support services for future advice or training.

We know that, for some, the convenience of completing tailored online training is sometimes preferable to taking time out of an already busy schedule to attend an in-person event.

Online expert witness training

Our online training programme for medical experts provides comprehensive, tailored medico-legal CPD. The content includes presentations, case studies, written exercises, multiple-choice questions, and interactive feedback sessions.

The feedback from our learners speaks volumes about the quality and benefits:

“I really enjoyed the modules and found them to be very interactive, taking the same case through from report writing to trial with a simulated meeting of experts and conference with counsel.  The option to get face-to-face feedback on my report was hugely beneficial, along with the ability to ‘ask an expert’ on other practicalities around becoming a medico-legal expert. I found the speakers very good and their expertise in the field was evident, making my understanding of the more complex legal bits easier than I had thought it would be!”

Dr Gavin Tunnard, Emergency Medicine Consultant 

“I really enjoyed the course and did not feel it was less worthy for being online. The content was excellent and it has given me confidence in my fledgling medico-legal practice. The session at the end with Isabel was very useful and she gave me about 40 minutes of her time which was great. Thanks again.”

Mr Robert Mason, Consultant Urologist

“Thanks Caren. I really enjoyed the workshop; the talks and materials have been really helpful.”

Mr Nick Peterson, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Face-to-face expert witness training 

At Inspire MediLaw, we believe in the importance of personal interactions in building professional relationships. Having conversations over coffee, and engaging in discussion around a table with peers, are great ways to build your medico-legal network. This also enables us to identify, and provide support for, the specific needs of our individual learners.

Our two-day expert witness training is taught by experienced medical experts and lawyers. They outline the litigation process and highlight areas where expert involvement is key. Through discussion and practical exercises, delegates get to grips with the legal tests applied in establishing a clinical negligence claim, and understand how to participate in litigation with integrity, objectivity and excellence.

By attending in person, you can get immediate answers to your questions from leading experts in the field. We encourage you to share your knowledge and experiences with others on the course, and learn from other people’s experiences. Opportunities to network over coffee or mealtimes cements that connection between you and our training faculty. And you’ll meet a range of well-established medico-legal practitioners.

Great feedback from our delegates

Ken Woodburn, a consultant vascular surgeon who has recently attended our two-day expert witness training in Oxford, said:

“The breadth of clinical and medico-legal experience among those of us attending the two-day course made for interesting and informative exchanges during coffee breaks and meals. The relaxed setting and highly approachable team delivering the training made for an interactive learning experience. As well as being comprehensive, this was readily adaptable to meet the individual requirements of the attendees.

Paul Sankey gave a very informative overview of the legal journey of a claim, and the solicitors’ expectations of an expert. I picked up a number of useful pointers...to enhance the quality of my medico-legal reports in the future…

[I] strongly believe that the training has made me a better expert, equipping me with a better knowledge and understanding of my role in the process, that should enable me to produce reports that more accurately meet the requirements of the Court.”

Supporting you to launch your medico-legal practice

Are you looking to start or develop your medico-legal practice? We can provide all the support, training and information you’ll need to get started.

Find out more about our online and face-to-face expert witness training.



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