Opening imaging CDs

  • Published: June 13, 2019
  • Author: Sarah Wallace, Managing Director, Clinco

Opening imaging discs is a constant bugbear for those involved in clinical negligence cases.

At the recent Inspire MediLaw summer conference, experts and clinical negligence solicitors alike expressed their frustration about this very issue.

CDs are not a very suitable method for storing large, complex graphic files, such as X-rays and other imaging studies. Elsewhere, the use of discs is increasingly obsolete – but these are still routinely used for disclosure of radiology.

We can help

At Clinco, we have a tried-and-tested system for dealing with imaging on disc. Sharon Philpott, our Records Manager, is an expert at getting into discs. Sharon has years of experience in this area and various programs at her disposal. >We have never been defeated by an imaging disc!


Generally, discs are password protected – by a password sent separately. Passwords can be frustrating, but they are here to stay. Sharon checks all passwords as soon as the case reaches our office. This avoids any hold-up once we start sorting the case.

Other imaging CD challenges

It can be difficult to access the imaging, even if it is not a password issue. This is a frequent problem experienced by solicitors and experts:

  • Many PCs struggle to process large graphic files. This means that files are slow to open. At Clinco, we make sure our hardware is up to the job.
  • The operating system on which the disc was created might itself be out of date. In older cases, the disc may well have been created on Windows 7 and might not be fully compatible with later systems.
  • The digital tools used to read files vary from disc to disc. Sharon constantly reviews our imaging software.

What happens once the CD has been opened and read?

Once the case has been completed, we send the radiology back to you – scheduled and cross-referenced in the chronology, where relevant to the issues.

Free aftercare service

Passwords do occasionally get lost. At Clinco, we have a system where, if we have been sent a password-protected disc at any time over the last six years, we can provide the password to an authorised person within minutes. This is part of our free aftercare service.

Contact Sarah to find out more about Clinco's services: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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