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Reflections on Inspire MediLaw’s courtroom training

Author: Chris Hatcher, Jacqueline Webb

Published: 20 February 2020

At Jacqueline Webb, team members are sometimes required to attend Court to justify the reasons why they have recommended certain care packages or adaptations for clinical negligence and personal injury claimants. So building their skills and experience in giving evidence in Court is really important for the team.

Chris Hatcher, from Jacqueline Webb, reflects on her team’s courtroom training with Inspire MediLaw:

“We are firm believers in doing things to the best of our ability: and to do this we have to accept that we never stop learning. Isn’t it great to learn new things and better yourself in both your personal and professional life?

Picture this. It was a grey drizzly day at the end of January. We had been driving for an hour and 30 mins to Oxford for some courtroom training before getting stuck in traffic. That doesn’t sound glamorous, but what was to follow was one of those feel-good days where you arrive home slightly richer than when you left!

We started the day with some classroom training. The coffee, tea and pastries were flowing and our experts were fully engaged with Lauren Sutherland QC, one of the trainers from Inspire MediLaw. Lauren gave a fascinating insight and priceless advice on giving evidence in Court, what goes on before Court and points to consider if things do not quite go to plan.

From here, we all jumped into a couple of taxis and made the short journey to the courtrooms in Oxford. How better to prepare than being stood in the witness box with a very well-respected QC questioning you on a report you have produced yourself. This is invaluable practice for the real thing.”

Some feedback from delegates who attended the courtroom training:

“Having the opportunity to be questioned on my own report, by a practising QC, has given me confidence that I would be able to cope with the demands of the courtroom environment.”

“The speakers were excellent in terms of their knowledge and experience, giving real examples of recent cases they have been involved in to highlight the importance of fulfilling our duties as expert witnesses to the Court.”

“I think being able to take part in a mock cross-examination is the best Court preparation you could ask for. Doing so in an actual Court will certainly demystify some of the more intimidating aspects of going to Court for real, in the future. Great course, well-delivered by very approachable and knowledgeable trainers.”

If you would like to know more about Inspire MediLaw’s courtroom training and preparation, you can find details on our witness familiarisation training page.

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